Friday, August 2, 2013

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                                                  Gone Fishing...

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                                  A Sacred Kiss for a Sacred Soul in a Sacred Place - Amen


Leonberger Nation - My Pinterest Board Dedicated to This Lovely Breed

Lisa Audrey Cohen's Pinterest Board dedicated to the beautiful Leonberger Breed of Dogs.

                                                  My boy Bam Bam

Where only Leonbergers Roam.


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Canine Love, Mental Health Advocate, Foodie, Travel Soul, Passion, Love and Loss

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Lisa Audrey Cohen on Facebook

Lisa Audrey Cohen on Facebook

Where dogs roam freely, friends and family reminisce - laugh and cry and remember those we miss - where old friends find one another and catch up on the good and the bad in this life.

                                           Me and Gainey

It's a place to sit down, relax, enjoy a cup of coffee and be a part of something because we all deserve to be a part of something.


Pinterest by Lisa Audrey Cohen

My Pinterest Boards  relating to position of Social Media Manager for Voyages Groupe Ideal:

Over 10 000 Followers enjoying 50 Boards, 15 000 Pins in colorful themes of  Food, Dogs, Celebrities, Photography, Architecture, Tattoos, Travel, Art, The Power of Women and Much More.

Dream it, Pin it, Love it.


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Join our tribe of hundreds of thousands of people with a passion for travel and all the good things in life. by Lisa Audrey Cohen.

Explore recipes from around the world, various cultures, spectacular images and videos, travel journals, stories of love and loss, family and friends.

Travel is Movement and Movement is Life.